18 Benefits of Mulethi


Benefits of Mulethi

In today’s world if anyone faces any small problem in his body then he Immediately goes to the doctor. This is good but remember that if you always take allopathic medicines then that also can be harmful to you.Benefits of Mulethi

But do you know there are so many ayurvedic medicines which can fight with maximum diseases of our body and also keep you away from the diseases? That’s why in this article I have brought for you an ayurvedic medicine which will be helpful to cure many diseases of our bodies, you can make this medicine at home.

Yes in this article, I am going to talk about the benefits of licorice which is known as mulethi. Guys, mulethi can fight with many diseases of our body and you will be surprised to know the benefits of it. So without wasting any more time let’s get start the topic.

What are the Benefits of Mulethi?

There are so many benefits of mulethi and now I am going to mention some of those benefits below:-

  1. Are you suffering from the problem of heart disease? Then start taking the power of mulethi from today. Because mulethi powder is very helpful to cure the problem of heart disease.
  2. If somehow your or any one’s body burns. Then make a paste of mulethi powder mixing with desi ghee or coconut oil and apply on the affected area. It will give you relief from the pain and also recover soon.
  3. If you are suffering from the problem of the sore throat then start taking one tablespoon mulethi power with one glass warm water or milk. This will help you to throughout the balgum from the throat.
  4. Mulethi is the most beneficial medicine for the patients of arthritis. If you or anyone from your family suffering from the problem of arthritis then suggest then to start consuming mulethi powder with water or milk twice a day.
  5. This ayurvedic medicine can control cholesterol. Bad cholesterol is very harmful to our body and regular use of mulethi can control the level of bad cholestrol.
  6. We all know how much harmful malaria is for human bodies. Powder of mulethi can cure the problem of malaria. And also mulethi is beneficial for those who have the problem of Alzheimer’s. Mulethi powder can boost your memory power.
  7. Jaundice is a very common disease in India that’s why if you are a patient of jaundice then start drinking mulethi powder. Because mulethi can cure the problem of the root.
  8. Maximum peoples of India are suffering from the problem of the stomach like gas, acidity, stomach pain, and more. The problem of the stomach is the only reason for all types of diseases but don’t worry mulethi also can cure the problem of stomach. Chew one piece of mulethi after eating this will you increase the digestion power.
  9. During period the females face the problem of stomach pain. I want to tell those women to take the mulethi powder with water or milk. This drink will them to cure stomach pain.
  10. The liver problem is also the most problem in India, which happens for the taking of unhealthy foods and alcohol. If you think that your liver is damaging then add mulethi drink in your diet which will help you to recover your unhealthy liver.
  11. It can boost the immune system of the human body. A strong immune system can fight with bacteria and virus and keep away the human from many diseases.
  12. The patients of constipation should drink this mulethi powder with warm milk at night. Because it can cure the problem of constipation of the root. So if you are a patient of constipation start drinking mulethi from today.
  13. If anyone wants to lose their weight I want to suggest them to take mulethi powder with warm water twice a day before eating. This is beneficial to lose weight faster.
  14. Tension, depression, shortage of sleep are very bad and harmful for us. But don’t worry mulethi powder is the most beneficial to calm our mind and provide us an energetic and fresh thinking. If you don’t have any tension then your face will automatically glow.
  15. Acne, rashes, these types of skin related problems you treated by the powder of mulethi. You can make a paste of mulethi and on the affected area as well as you can also consume mulethi with warm water or milk twice a day.
  16. This amazing medicine is not only beneficial for the skin it also beneficial for hair, eye, teeth. Mulethi can cure all the problems of hair, eye, and teeth.
  17. Mulethi is the best medicine for blood it can purify the blood and also increase the blood.
  18. If you are a singer, announcer, work in call center then you should take mulethi because it can clear your throats and lungs.

These are the benefits of mulethi. These are not enough there are also many benefits of mulethi.

What are the Side Effects of Mulethi?

Do you know there is no without any side effect? So mulethi have some side effects which is not a big matter in front of the benefits. But we need to know about the side effects.

  • Mulethi can be harmful to the patients of high blood pressure because mulethi can high the blood pressure level. So if you are a high blood pressure patient then don’t take mulethi.
  • Pregnant women should not take mulethi. Taking of mulethi powder can be harmful during pregnancy.

Note:- Don’t take mulethi continuously. If you consume mulethi continuously for one month then take a break for one month and again start consuming mulethi for one month.

So I hope you guys understand the amazing benefits of mulethi. And that is over for today for more interesting and informative articles keep following our website.


So I hope now you excited to add mulethi in your diet and make your body and mind healthy. This medicine is really very amazing to keep you happy and healthy. But before you start taking mulethi remember the side effects and the limitation of it.


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