Best Ayurvedic Medicine For Diabetes


Hello friends, today I am back with another informative and interesting article. In this article, I am going to talk about diabetes and I will also mention some medicines which will help to cure diabetes.

Best Ayurvedic Medicine For Diabetes: Diabetes is also known as sugar. Guys, you will surprise to know that according to the WHO (World Health Organization) maximum peoples are dying for the problem of diabetes. 30-40 lakhs peoples ie in a year due to diabetes, there are more than 6 crores peoples are suffering from diabetes in India.

Now you understood how much harmful diabetes is. So Now let’s see how many types of diabetes are there?

How Many Types of Diabetes are there?

Best Ayurvedic Medicine For Diabetes: There are three types of diabetes type 1, type 2, and gestational. Let’s describe all the types of diabetes deeply.

a) Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is mostly found in children and teenagers. When our body produces very little insulin and sometimes not produce then that call type 1 diabetes.

b) Type 2 Diabetes

Maximum diabetes patients are suffering from type 2 diabetes which is mostly seen in adults. In this diabetes, our body does not use insulin for good use which is produced by our body.

c) Gestational Diabetes

Pregnant women are fall in gestational diabetes disease and this diabetes will normally cure after delivery. But in the future, the baby and the mother might face the problem of type 2 diabetes.

Now I hope you understand the types of diabetes. So it’s time to know about what is the reason for Diabetes?

What are the Reasons for Diabetes?

Best Ayurvedic Medicine For Diabetes: There are so many reasons for diabetes. Do you recognize today’s maximum peoples are suffering from diabetes but there were not many diabetes patients In the olden times?

  • One of the most popular reasons for this is today’s unhealthy lifestyle. Today’s peoples especially youngsters and the children always like to eat street junk foods like oily foods, fried foods, spicy foods, and more. This is one of the most common reasons for diabetes.
  • The old generation of peoples loved to play physical games like cricket, football, they also liked to do exercises, and more interesting things in fact when I was a teenager I was like to play cricket. But today’s children do not play physical games in fact play but on their phone, PC, and more. Due to the lack of physical activities peoples are suffering from diabetes.
  • Added chemicals vegetables are farming by the farmers in a bulk amount to sell in the market all the peoples are buying those foods and eating which is another reason for diabetes.
  • Packeting snacks like chips, channa, bhujia, and more. Those snacks are very very harmful to our body and one of the most common reasons for diabetes.
  • This disease is one type of hereditary disease, it means if your mom or daddy is a patient of diabetes then you might face that disease in the future and if you are a diabetes patient then your children could be facing that same problem.

Now you all understand the types of diabetes and the reasons for diabetes. Now, how you could cure the disease? At first, I want to tell you clearly that there are no medicines to cure your diabetes of the root if you want to cure the disease of the root then you have made changes in your lifestyle.

Best Ayurvedic Medicine For Diabetes

Best Ayurvedic Medicine For Diabetes: This is the only way to cure your diabetes, but you could take external medicines to take along with your diet to cure the problem faster of the root. That’s why I am going to mention some ayurvedic medicine which will help to fix the disease faster.

Best Medicines for Diabetes

1. Vaidyanath Karela Jamun Juice

If you are suffering from high blood sugar then Vaidyanath Karela Jamun Juice will help you to control high blood sugar. It also helps to stimulate the pancreas to produce insulin. This product will not only beneficial to diabetes but also helps to cure constipation, hemorrhoids, and piles. This product is also helpful to purify your blood. So let’s talk about the features of the product.


  • Quantity- 1 Liter.
  • Healthy Digestive System- It helps make a good digestive system.
  • Anti-Inflammatory Properties- Because of anti-inflammatory properties it helps in the reduction of bad cholesterol.
  • Produce Insulin- It helps to stimulate the pancreas to produce insulin.
  • This product is also Works as an appetizer.
  • Also beneficial in constipation, hemorrhoids, and piles.
  • It works as a blood purifier.
2. Patanjali Madhunashini Vati

There are many peoples in India who are this product and gave good feedback. This medicine is made by natural extracts like giloy, karela, belptra, chhoti harad, gokhru, methi kuda chhal and more. So let’s talk about the features.


  • Total Tablet- 120 tablets.
  • price of the Product- 221 rupees
  • Control Sugar Content- This product is specially made to control the sugar levels in your body.
  • No Side Effects- This product is completely safe because it has no side effects.
3. Home Made Ayurvedic Medicine 

If Someone wants to make medicine at their home then there are so many ingredients they could use those things.

  • Neem leaves, tulsi leaves, bel leaves are the source of anti-oxidants which will help your body to enables the pancreas gland’s functioning and better blood sugar regulation. You have to take at least 10 leaves of each extract in an empty stomach to reduce the content sugar in the blood.
  • Bitter Gourd Juice is the best medicine for diabetes patients. Bitter gourd juice is also the source of antioxidants and bioactive compounds like polypeptide-p that exhibits hypoglycemic activity. This juice you have yo take in empty stomach and remember that before you grind that separate seeds of it.
  • Methi seeds are very beneficial for the patients of diabetes and you could buy this from the market easily. Methi is the rich source of soluble fibers that regulate the digestion and absorption of sugars from the food. You could take methi by soaking in the water for the whole night and then take that methi by chewing in empty stomach in the morning. You could also take methi by grinding.


  • Start doing exercise or physical game and keep doing it consistently.
  • Try to avoid fast foods and start taking homemade simple and healthy foods
  • take your medicine continuously till your disease not curing of the root


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