Best Mudras For Weight Loss


Hello everyone I hope you all are very well. In this article, I am going to talk about the yoga mudras on weight loss. Those peoples who are facing the problem of the overweight maximum of them stopped taking oily food, fried food, and more but they don’t see any changes in their bodies.

There are also many peoples who changed their bodies by following a good diet plan, here I want to say that Everybody’s body function is not the same. This article will be very helpful for those who following a proper diet plan but also they can not lose their weight and also everyone could do these mudras to lose their weight faster.

Do you know yoga peoples are doing yoga for many years? Especially for the Budha and the Hindu yoga was their culture. But now yoga is doing by peoples all over the world. Yoga is very beneficial and it’s scientifically proven. Mudra is a part of Yoga and it looks very simple but these are very effective.

Yoga Mudra for Health Benefits

Peoples are doing yoga for many years to keep body and mind healthy. The breathing techniques of yoga are very helpful to improve concentration power.

The maximum olden intelligent peoples have been doing yoga. Basically the yoga is based on five elements which are Jal (Water), Prithvi (Earth), Akash (Space), Vayu (Air), Agni (Fire).

If any kind of imbalance happened to these elements peoples might be face illnesses and weakness. In this case, yoga mudras help you to cure the imbalance of the elements and to fight with weakness and future illnesses. So now you understand how much yoga is beneficial for health.

Best Mudras for Weight Loss

Now I am going to mention some yoga mudras below which will not only boost your weight loss process but also it will improve your mental health and boost your energy level.

1. Surya-Agni Mudra for Weight Loss

If there is an imbalance of fire elements then this mudra could restore the imbalance make your body prepared for future illnesses. If you do this mudra then it activates the fire energy in your body.

The bad digestive system can be the reason for difficulties of weight loss, so if you have a bad digestive system then Surya Mudra can help you to cure the digestive system by balancing the fire element in your body.

How to perform?

You don’t need anything to perform Surya Madras, you can perform it in your home. At first, sit upright with the back outright now move the ring finger to the palm of the hand and join it with the thumb finger. Keep your hands on your thighs and knees and stay seated in this position.

Now you can perform breathing techniques or meditation. You have to perform this mudra for 45 minutes in a day. It will be if can do this early morning. Now let’s go to the other mudra.

2. Kapha Nashak Mudra for Weight Loss

There are three temperaments of the body are known as Vayu, Kapha, and Pitta. The Kapha and Pitta elements characterize fire and earth, serially whereas Vayu characterizes air. The pitta element characterizes fire in the body and it is known to improve the metabolism in the body.

The Kapha element characterizes the earth and too much Kapha element can increase the weight of your which can cause many diseases in the body. The Kapha Nashak Mudra is very helpful to remove the excess Kapha elements from the human body and also beneficial to keeping balance the Kapha element.

So this mudra is very beneficial to lose weight and also helps to boost metabolic activity through the generation of fire.

How to perform?

Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Bend your ring and little finger and join with thumb finger and stay in this position. Remember that you have to do it at least for 30 minutes. Let’s jump to the next mudra.

3. Linga Mudra for Weight Loss

The other name of Linga Mudra is Lord Shiva’s Mudra. The Linga Mudra is very beneficial to balance the fire element in the body. Linga Mudra awakens the fire in the body which can turn on the production of energy and revitalize the organs. Linga Mudra is also very helpful in weight loss by improving the body’s metabolism

How to perform?

At first, you have to sit in a comfortable position with your legs crossed. Now close your eyes to improve concentration and avoid distractions. Now interlock the fingers of both hands. Remember to keep the left thumb perpendicular. You have to perform this mudra for 20 to 30 minutes a day.

4. Vaayan Mudra for Weight Loss

The air element is closely connected by the Vaayan Mudra. The body can energize itself with air properties which is helpful to improve the nervous system in the body. Perform a proper Vaayan Mudra can provide a higher range of consciousness to the peoples. This mudra can help you to lose weight and cut the fat.

How to perform?

As usual, you have seat on the floor to perform this mudra and close your eyes. Now you have to bend your index and middle finger and join them with the thumb. Press the fingers slightly and stay in this position. You have to perform this position for 20 minutes a day.

5. Gyan Mudra for weight loss

This mudra is also known as the mudra of knowledge. This mudra is beneficial for many things like it is beneficial to improve the concentration power, it is beneficial for proper sleep. The reason for overweight maybe the lack of sleep. That’s why if you are facing the problem of overweight and also you are facing the problem of the lack of sleep you should start doing Gyan Mudra because this mudra can cure the lack of your sleep.

How to perform?

Sit comfortably on the floor straight your back and close your eyes. Now bend the index finger touch it with thumb finger give some pressure and keep the other three fingers straight, stay in this position. Perform this position for 30 minutes in a day.


These are the best mudras for weight loss, so if you are also facing the problem of overweight then you could perform these yoga mudras at your home or anywhere you want. If you are doing dieting then also you follow these mudras for the fastest result.


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