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Bhringraj Oil

Every girl wants to have long, thick, strong and shiny hair, but due to pollution, stress, changing weather and wrong habits, hair becomes dry, lifeless and dull. Hair loss starts. Although girls spend a lot of money in expensive products and parlors for this, its effect does not last long. In such a situation, today we will tell you about such ayurvedic oil, which is nothing less than a boon for hair.Bhringraj Oil

Here we are talking about Bhringraj oil, which removes problems like hair breakage, hair fall, hair white, hair dryness and dandruff. In Ayurveda it is called Kesharaj i.e. the king of hair.

Bhringraj oil gives amazing and amazing results to maintain overall health of hair. Bhringraj or Bhringa oil with numerous benefits has been used since ancient times to keep the skin of hair and scalp healthy. Come, Bhringraj knows about the five benefits of oil. What are the benefits of Bhringraj Oil for hair

If you want to make your hair silky and beautiful then definitely listen to your mother

I remember that massage song, which used to be Mama songs. Whenever I used to complain to him about my falling, lifeless hair. She used to massage my hair very well with her chumpi Bhringraj oil. Although that strange smell and stickiness of that oil looked bad, but after washing the hair was silky and attractive, it is really amazing.

Time passed, my life became so fast that now it became difficult for Champi to get time. To get my silky and strong hair back again when dry hair began to comb and appear in the bathroom, I turned to the advertisements that claimed to make the hair attractive again. What could be done other than relying on these products with a lot of chemical in fancy bottles.

And then one day mother forcefully grabbed me to put oil in her hair and started singing her same old champi song.

Smiling heartily, he again seated me by himself and started adding Bhringraj oil to my hair. But this time I too was singing that champi song with him and to be honest, that smell of Bhringraj oil was amazing to me this time and even Chip-Chip was not bothering me this time.

After being upset for a long time, I noticed that this time when I combed them to wash hair, they broke less than before. After having this special champi for several consecutive weeks, my hair started feeling thick and strong again. To be fair, those beautiful hair of childhood once again returned.

But how did this happen?

Bhringraj or also commonly called ‘False Daisy’ is a kind of weed. Which is commonly found in Brazil, India and China. The special thing is that the main component of this oil is Bhringraj, but apart from this, many other medicinal plants are added to it. These include amla, brahmi, coconut oil, centella, mulethi, aja milk and cow milk. All these herbs are mixed and made into a fine powder and then mixed with hot coconut oil or sesame oil.

The medicinal properties of Bhringraj oil when combined with other herbs, give miraculous benefits to the hair. According to Ayurveda, certain herbs nourish the body from within. Bhringraj oil is used to grow, strengthen and protect hair from dandruff. And this is what we all need.

Are you also troubled by your weak and ruptured hair and fear that it may disappear completely? So Bhringraj oil can save you from this problem. Research by the Archeology of Dermatological Research has also revealed that Bhringraj oil works in the hair roots, making them dense.

It is more effective than ‘Minoxidil’ (a popular remedy used for hair growth) to prevent hair fall.

The material added to this oil proves this. According to Ayurveda, Amla is known as Tridosha sedative, which nourishes hair roots and scalp. The combination of Amla and Bhringraj improves blood circulation in the hair roots, which gives them better nutrition and stops hair fall.

Apart from hair loss, this mixture also solves the problem of dandruff. The ingredients in Bhringraj oil have antimicrobial and antifungal properties, which help to reduce dandruff. A study by the Pharmaceutical Science Journal on the antibacterial activity of Eclipta alba (the scientific name of Bhringraj) has also confirmed that it is effective in fighting bacteria and fungi. Then it’s time to say goodbye to the annoying bacteria.

There are more advantages

Apart from strengthening your hair and providing anti-bacterial properties, Bhringraj oil has many more benefits. It also prevents those hairs from getting white quickly. Although hair whitening is a genetic process, Bhringraj oil helps to slow down this process.

The ‘Haritaki’ present in Bhringraj oil has special medicinal properties, which is helpful in maintaining the natural color of hair. This slows down the process of hair whitening and keeps your hair in its natural shade for a long time.

Let’s know how you can use it yourself

If you want to strengthen scalp and pay attention to hair growth as well, then you should massage Bhringraj oil very carefully. For this, take some oil on your palm and apply it with a tip of the fingers while gently massaging it into the hair roots. Let the oil remain in the hair for some time. After that wash them and watch them. If you feel stickiness in the hair, then shampoo them again.

When aiming for hair and scalp growth, put a little bit of Bhringraj oil in your hands and heat it between your fingers. Start massaging the oil directly on the scalp using your fingers and immerse the magic potion in your throat and scalp. Wash it while taking shower and if your hair is still oily, shampoo again.

If it is not possible for you to apply oil, then you can make hair mask by mixing Bhringraj powder in water, oil, and even yogurt. Apply it on dry hair for about 30 minutes and then wash it off.

So ladies, next time you want to make your dry, weak and lifeless hair beautiful again, remember my mother’s advice – ‘it will be done with fine oil’. So forget all those hair care fancy slogans and believe in Bhringraj oil massage and mother’s honest advice. This will really work for you.


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