Double Marker Test- How to Do Double Marker Test Report Analysis


Double Marker Test

Pregnancy is a golden period of life in which every woman faces many tests. In pregnancy, the most important is to ensure maternal and fetus health. This time is crucial and sensitive for the mother and fetus as well. This is the reason many tests recommend in the pregnancy to make sure either the fetus is healthy or not. is test varies and depends upon the present condition of pregnant woman and fetus. Among all the tests, the Double Marker Test is the most important and highlighted test. This test varies and depends upon the present condition of pregnant woman and fetus.Here is the detailed information about Double Marker Test Report Analysis that you need to know

What is Double Marker Test

Another name of this test is Dual Marker Test that is conducted in the first trimester mostly between the 8 and 13 weeks of the pregnancy. Chromosomal malformation, neurological abnormalities, downs syndrome, Edward syndrome and developmental deformities lead to severe health problems in the fetus that are detected by this test. No doubt the mentioned abnormalities are not most common but will provide serious health conditions in child post-birth. This test is recommended to the woman above than the 35 years of the age with suspected family history. If this test is positive and the mother is carrying the baby with severe disease, then it will depend upon the parents either they terminate and run the child. This is a reliable test that suggested by many experts as well.

What is Downs Syndrome and How it Relates with Double Marker Test?

This is also known as trisomy genetic disorder. A normal human has 46 chromosomes with 23 pair. To make the fetus two cells 23 chromosomes and each have the egg and sperms to make the 46 pair zygotes which will turn into the fetus. During the cell division, the extra pair of the chromosomes transfer with a pair of chromosomes and turn into the three chromosomes. In down syndrome, the 21 pair has three chromosomes instead of the two. Many physical and cognitive function are related to this condition and leads to the Downs syndrome. So, the Double Maker Test is to check the Down Syndrome condition. This test is conducted from the blood sample of the mother.

Who Has a Recommendation for Double Marker Tests?

This test usually performs in a pregnant woman. At the same time, not, all women are suspicious about this test. Here are some conditions and risk factors in which Double Maker tests is performed properly.

  • History of insulin-dependent diabetes
  • The previous child has Downs Syndrome disorder
  • Woman Age above from 35 years
  • Congenital disabilities in family history
  • Current body condition during pregnancy
  • IVF pregnancy

What is the Procedure of Double Market Tests?

This test is done by the ultrasound tests and blood sample as well. In this test, two markers consider most. This test is identified with screen positive and screen negative.

⦁ Free Beta HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin)

The placenta normally produces this hormone during pregnancy. The measurements of free beta HCG is conducted to check the downs syndrome, trisomy 18 and fetal aneuploids.

⦁ PAPP-A (Pregnancy Associated plasma protein A)

This is an important pregnancy protein and known as the plasma protein. It indicates the baby weight and risk of downs syndrome.

How to Do Double Marker Tests Report Analysis

No doubt this work is done by your doctor. He will check the test report and gives the results either the test is positive and negative. At the same time, you should know about the normal ranges of this test from which you can easily analysis how this test works for your body condition. To Double Markers Test Report Analysis, the normal ranges are here.
As we know that this test has two important things and the values of both are matter allots. The normal values for all age groups female are here.
HCG Normal Value 25700-28800 Miu/ml
PAPP-A Normal Value 1 MoM (multiples of median)

double marker test
double marker test

FAQs for Double maker Tests

Many questions are existing in the patient mind that should clear out as well. When you will know everything about this test, you can get the fine and exact results.

Is This Test Performed with Empty Stomach?

No, this test does not perform with an empty stomach. You can eat soft food. If the woman is on medication, then she should avoid taking the dose of medication before this test.

Is any other Test being Done with Double Maker Test?

With Double Maker Test mostly doctor done the ultrasonographical that is also known as the NT test to check the amount of fluid into the baby neck. With this, the accuracy of down syndrome is increased at 75%-85% as compared to Double marker test Alone.

Any Disadvantage of Double Marker Test

This test has no adverse effects on the woman health. At the same time, it will give clear words either in which conditions the woman exist and how to deal later with a woman health condition.

What is the Normal Cost of This Test?

This test cost is depending upon the place from where you can do this test. The normal labs are charged 1300-1500 INR and the high-tech labs are charged 4000-5000 INR.

Final Lines

I hope you got the full information about the double marker test, I have shared with you What is Double Marker Test? What is Downs Syndrome and How it Relates with Double Marker Test? Who Has a Recommendation for Doule Marker Teat? What is the Procedure of Double Marker Test? How to Do Double Marker Test Report Analysis? FAQs for Double Marker Test? Is this Test Performed with an Empty Stomach? Is any Other Test is Done with Double Marker Test is Being done with Double Marker Test? and more. you should think about your fetus health while you are pregnant. The double marker test gives a clear statement regarding the health condition of the fetus after double marker test analysis.

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