Ear Piercing Chart 7 Tips To Avoid


Ear Piercing Chart:- In this article, I am going to give you all the information about Ear Piercing Chart. Maximum women pierce their ear and nose, men also do it but maximum women we can see to do it in India.

What is Ear Piercing Chart

I am going to give you all the information about the ear piercing. Maximum women pierce their ear and nose, men also do it but maximum women we can see to do it in India.

But in today’s world body piercing are become a fashion, people pierce their tongue, lips, eyebrow and many parts of their body to look fashionable.

Ear piercing chart is most popular in India for babies, men, women almost everybody pierce their ear. That’s why in this article, I will talk about ear piercing. There are many parts of the ear people pierce I am giving the list of the pierce below:-

a) Rook.

b) Forward Helix.

c) Daith.

d) Tragus.

e) Inner Conch.

f) Anti-Tragus.

g) Transverse Lobe.

h) Helix.

i) Industrial.

j) Snug

k) Orbital.

l) Outer Conch.

m) Upper Lobe.

n) Standard Lobe.

These are the ear-piercing parts of our body. Body piercing is very common in today’s world.

What is an ear-piercing Ceremony?

Ear piercing chart can be a fashion these days but according to Hindu dharma, it is ritual for us.  Ear piercing ritual is made by our Rashi Mani and they said that it is related to our health. Peoples pierce the ear of their children just to keep them away from diseases and evil.

Different communities pierce their children’s ear at different ages. Some people did it at the age of 3 months, at the age of 7 months, at the age of 11 months, and at the age of 16 months. It is also believed that different communities peoples should use a different needle, for example, a brahmin people should use a needle of silver. Rishi Mani also said that ear piercing can control the blood circulation of the brain.

Some communities do it like a celebration, some people do not do it and some people do it to look fashionable. Now the question is, are there any benefits of ear piercing? The answer is yes there are scientific and traditional reasons for ear piercing.

Which are the Scientific and Traditional Reasons for Ear Piercing?

Scientific Reasons for Ear Piercing:-

a) You will get magical benefits of Inter sense related problems and hernia disease.

b) It is also beneficial for Sinusitis related problems and ear piercing is also beneficial for ear-related every kind of disease.

c) Another magical benefit of ear piercing is it can keep you away from Menstrual related problems and hysteria disease. These are some scientific reasons for ear piercing,  so if you did it just for fashion then now you understand it is? Now let’s see the traditional benefits for ear piercing.

Traditional Benefits of Ear Piercing:-

a) The Indian tradition believed that ear-piercing (Karna Veda) can protect us from many diseases, which is scientifically proven in today’s world.

b) An educated rishi mani said that the ear lobe is a sensitive part of the human body, that’s why we should pierce our ear to take the magical benefits.

c) Men and Women can take benefits of ear piercing. It is not for only a particular gender. So these are some traditional benefits of ear piercing.

Which Precautions We Should Take for Babies Ear Piercing?

As we know the skin of babies is completely different from elder peoples, the baby’s skin is very soft and sensitive that’s why we should be careful before doing anything with the baby’s skin. Now here you will get all information about the baby’s piercing.

Which age is perfect for babies ear piercing? And which precautions we should take after ear piercing of baby and more ear-piercing related question?

Almost every parent pierce the ear of their baby girl but in the case of a boy, some parents pierce an ear of their baby boy, to keep them away from diseases. Now every parent has a question on their mind which is the right age to pierce the ear of their baby?

The answer is there is no exact age of ear piercing mentioned anywhere, you can see on the internet different age of ear piercing like at the age of 7 months, at the age of 11 months but the perfect age did not mention anywhere.

Personally, I am gonna give you some advice about baby’s ear piercing, what you should do before baby’s ear piercing?

a) You can discuss with your doctor about it before you pierce the ear of your baby, your doctor can tell you the perfect time of ear piercing according to the skin of your baby.

b) As a parent, you can also ask about it to your mother or grandmother about it, because different communities have a different time to ear-piercing of their baby.

c) Try to Pierce the ear of your baby as soon as possible because it can lower the chances of infection and also it can recover itself faster than faster.

From where you should do ear piercing of your baby? Generally, peoples go-to the jewelry shop to do baby ear piercing but you can also go to the clinic to do it safely.

After completing the ear-piercing of your baby what kind of precautions you should take?

I am gonna give home precautions to take,

a) Heat some ghee in a bowl and leave it some time to be cool than apply it on baby’s ear for two times in a day. Do it for 6 to 7 days or how many days you want.

b) Move the ear studs in the round for 3 to 4 times in a day.

c) Wash your hands by soap before you touching the ears of your baby.

d) Be careful when you feed breast to your baby, carry him/her carefully.

So these are some precautions you should take for your baby’s ear to keep her/him from any kind of infection and disease.

Now you got maximum information about ear piercing, but do you know? There are some risks of body piercing and if you do not treat carefully with your piercing part then it can be a danger for your body. And it also depends on where you are piercing your body part? Because if you don’t do it from perfect then it can dangerous for you.

A bad body piercing can cause infection, pain, bleeding, granuloma, and many problems in your body. That’s why now I am going to give you some precautions you should take before and after piercing.

Which Precautions You Should Take Before and After Piercing?

Before Piercing:-

a) Do not pierce yourself, if you pierce your body parts by yourself then it could very dangerous for you, and also you could face many diseases. That’s why avoid piercing yourself.

b) At first, you should choose a perfect clinic or shop for your ear piercing and do it from an experienced guy.

c) Before you pierce of your body part you must apply anti-septic on that body part, it can lower the chances of infections.

d) If you can then do it from a doctor or from a good dermatologist.

After Piercing:-

a) After piercing you should avoid some food like every kind chana dishes, you should avoid consuming chana for 20 to 21 days.

b) Stop changing your ear studs to early, don’t change your rings before healing the part of your body.

c) Don’t touch your piercing area before washing your hand, there are many germs on our hands that’s why we should wash our hand before touch piercing area.

d) If you recognize there is some bubble on your ear piercing part that’s is an infection, Then you can talk about it with your doctor or you also can wash that part with Dettol and some hot water to deal with the infection.

e) You can also apply ghee on the piercing part, as you know before apply ghee you should heat that ghee and leave it to be cool for some time.

f) Avoid wearing heavy jewelry before piercing areas do not heal, and do not clean the piercing area over 2 times in a day.

So these are the precautions you should take before and after ear piercing or any part of your body piercing, so I hope you understood all the things about the body piercing.

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a) Be careful when you are going to do pierce of your baby’s ear, take those precautions I have shared in the article with you.

b) Do not pierce yourself, pierce any part of your body from a professional person.

c) Apply anti-septic on the part before piercing, Anti-septic is the most important thing you have to do before piercing to be safe.

d) Without washing your hand stop touching the piercing area, in the case of the baby also.

e) Wash that pierces area twice a day before healing, but doesn’t more than 2 times in a day.

f) Stop wearing heavy jewelry, once your piercing area healed then you can wear what you want.


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