How To Make Yourself Sneeze: 12 Ways


Hello viewers, here I am back with another interesting article. Today’s article will be very weird for you because today I am going to talk about how you can make yourself sneeze? Yes, you read the truth, today I am going to share with you the process hoe to make yourself sneeze?

Sometimes our body naturally sneezes but today I will tell how you can sneeze yourself whenever you want? and I also do share with you why do we sneeze and what are the benefits of it? At first, I will share with you how to make yourself sneeze. So without wasting time let’s start.

How to make Yourself Sneeze?

If you are thinking about what is the way to make sneeze yourself then I would like to share with you that there are so many ways to make sneeze yourself. Sometimes you really feel like you must clear out your sinuses but you don’t know the proper process to make yourself sneeze. That’s why I am going to share with you some processes which will be very helpful to make yourself sneeze. So the processes are giving below:-

Some Processes How to make Yourself Sneeze:-
a) Pluck Nose Hair

This process will definitely stimulate the lining of the nose and make you feel that tickle that leads to a sneeze. Pull one hair at a time with a forceful jerk. Use a good pair of tweezers to make sure you have a firm grip.

b) Tweeze Eyebrows

Do you know that there is a nerve that runs underneath your eyebrows that also runs through your nose? So when you pluck your eyebrows, you disturb that nerve, and you might sneeze immediately. So take a look in the mirror and see which errant hairs need plucking.

c) Massage the nose

The nerve can be stimulated by massaging the bridge of the nose with your index finger and thumb. Pinch your nose and move your fingers around and You might soon start to feel that tickle in the back of your nose that says a sneeze is imminent.

d) Stimulate the Mouth Roof

The roof of your mouth is a gateway to the same nerve that runs through your eyebrows and your nose, so stimulating it can lead to a sneeze for some people. When learning how to make yourself sneeze, touch the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth, going as far back as you can reach.

e) Use a Tissue

A tickling sensation is usually enough to make you feel to sneeze. Try to wadding up tissue into a long point, then inserting that into your nose. Wiggle it around at the back of your nose to produce that tickle. If you hum at the same time, you just might be able to sneeze repeatedly.

f) Eat Chocolate

Higher the cocoa content in a chocolate bar, the more likely it will be to make you sneeze. This is especially true if you are not accustomed to eating chocolate. Some suggest that is actually the cocoa particles that get into the nose when you inhale and trigger the sneeze.

g) Drink Carbonated Water

Sodas might tickle your nose enough that they send you into a sneeze. This is especially true if you drink the fizzy stuff right after opening up the bottle or can. The bubbles can tickle the back of your throat and your nose.

h) Chew Gum

So many peoples react very strongly to a whiff of peppermint oil. If that’s the case with you, chewing peppermint or spearmint gum might trigger a sneeze within minutes. You can also try taking a big whiff of peppermint essential oil if you need to stimulate a sneeze.

i) Breathe Cold Air

Some people find that the sudden assault of cold air on their sinuses can trigger a sneeze. If it is hot outside, go to your freezer, open the door, lean in, and breathe deeper. If it is during the dead of winter, walk out of your warm house into the cold air outside and breathe in it as hard as you can.

j)Tilt Back Your Head

For some reason, those people who are learning how to make yourself sneeze might have great success with simply putting your head back. This works especially well if you feel the urge to sneeze but you can’t quite get there. Learning your head back works, but no one really knows why or how.

k) Look at the Light

Some people begin to sneezes when they suddenly hit with a bright light. That’s why you might sneezes the moment you walk from a dark place into the sunlight. Look directly at the bright bulb, or blink up at the sun, especially after you have been in a dark, subdued room. You might instantly feel that tickle if you are one of those up to 35% who is sensitive to it.

l) Use Hard Objects

You can do the same thing with something that is hard, such as a q-tip, a pencil, or even a toothpick. Just be careful not to let go of whatever object you use, and never push it in too far. That can cause much more serious problems than needing to sneezes.

These are some processes you can follow some processes of these might make yourself sneezes. Now let’s go to other questions why do we sneeze and what are the benefits of it?

Why Do We Sneeze and What are the Benefits of It?

How To Make Yourself Sneeze: If you sneezes then that could be for any reason I mean there are so many reasons for sneezing. If you suffering fever and cough, in that case, you could sneezes for your illness, sometimes if dust entered in your nose and for the hair and mucus of our nose the dust stock at hair and mucus that’s why your body makes you sneezes to clear your sinuses.

So now you understand the reason for a sneezes. So if you talk about the benefits then there are so many benefits of sneezing at first after sneezing you feel fresh and energetic, the second one is it clear your sinuses and it can release the bad viruses from your body through a sneezes.

So I hope you understand all the processes of sneezes and the scientific reason for a sneeze. And that is over for today see you again with an informative and interesting article.


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