Indian Diet for Bodybuilding For a Muscular Physic


Health-conscious individuals and bodybuilders always need the best diet plan, if you don’t follow a proper diet then that is no matter how much you work hard for your body you will never get an attractive physique. Especially in India, there are maximum peoples who don’t take care of diet, they like to take spices and fast foods. Here along with non-veg diet, you will also get Indian Diet for Bodybuilding.

So here I am brought the best diet plan in India for the bodybuilders and health-conscious individuals. I will show the best diet plan for vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

Kind of Indian Diet for Bodybuilding

Before starting the diet plan we should know what kinds of nutrition we need in our body:-

a) Protein Consumption

b) Carbs Consumption

c) Fats Consumption

d) Vitamin and Fibre Consumption

Indian Diet for Bodybuilding

Protein Consumption

There is a big myth people often believe that high protein could damage our kidney and health. But if you consume 2.0 grams of protein per of your body weight then you won’t face any kind of diseases and it is proved that there is a connection of protein with kidneys.

Protein is a very important nutrient for our body, it helps to repair the tissues of the body. Protein can grow and maintain our body, protein causes biochemical reactions, protein can provide the structure of our body, protein provides energy, and much more. That’s why protein is a very important nutrient for our bodies.

Carbs Consumption

Carbs mean carbohydrates are also important nutrition for our body, our body can convert carbs into energy or calories. If we do not take carbs then our body will convert protein as energy but we should take carbs in a limit because extra carbs can harm our body structures. Now how we would find out the limitation of carbs?

It’s very easy to determine one gram carbohydrate include four calories, now it depends on you how much calories you want to consume.

Carbohydrates are common nutrition, we can consume carbohydrates from our daily foods like dairy milk, yogurt, ice cream, fruit, fruit juice, grains bread, rice, crackers, cereal, and more. That’s why we should not take carbohydrates from any other source.


Fats Consumption

Good quality fat is very needful for our body, but in a general diet, we always consume bad fats very harmful to our body. At least 10% to 20% good quality fats we should consume like cheese, egg yolks, eggs, oily fish, butter, Chia seeds, dark chocolate, nuts, olive oil, and more.

But you should know that there are two types of fats, good fats, and bad fats. Unsaturated fat is very beneficial for our health if you consume bad fat then you could face the problem of heart disease, cholesterol, and more. That’s why you should keep yourself safe from the bad fats.

Vitamin and Fibre Consumption

Maximum bodybuilders and health-conscious individuals do not care about vitamins. You can see the our Indian celebs they have a great physique but there are many rolls behind the success of their physique, especially they consume Vitamin D.

 Vitamin D is very helpful for strengthening bone, brain health, protein synthesis, and hormone synthesis. We must consume vitamin D as well as those nutrients. Vitamins also can help you to increase the immune system, vitamins can help to convert energy into energy.

Now I am going to share with you the diet plan, in this diet plan you have found every nutrient I have mentioned.

Diet Plan for Vegetarian

1.Pre-breakfast-  Whey protein and one medium fruit

2. Breakfast- Paneer paratha or paneer bhurji (3 pieces), low-fat yoghurt or Greek yoghurt, sprout salad

3. Pre-launch (Snacks)- Roasted chickpeas (one medium  bowl), small size fruit, mixed vegetables salad

4. Lunch- Mixed bean food, brown rice, broccoli

5. Pre-workout- Whole grain toast with almond butter, baked sweet potatoes

6. Post-workout- Whey protein shake

7. Dinner- Avocado, white bean salad with cheese dressing

Diet Plan for Non-Vegetarian

1. Pre-breakfast- Whey protein and one medium fruit

2. Breakfast- Oatmeal, eggs, milk, and nuts

3. Pre-launch (Snacks)- Chicken or fish, brown rice, broccoli

4. Lunch- Fish, brown rice and mix vegies

5. Pre-workout- Sweet potato and protein powder

6. Post-workout- Whey protein shake

7. Dinner- Chicken, Broccoli, salad with flax oil dressing

Benefits of Proper Diet for Bodybuilding:-

Today, it is essential to have a proper diet for bodybuilding. You need to know the benefits of proper diet for bodybuilding before starting your diet. With the right kind of diet, you can maintain your weight in a healthy way and also improve your health. The benefits of a proper diet for bodybuilding are mainly due to the foods that you will be consuming. You will be consuming foods that are rich in proteins, which are essential for muscle building.

One important benefit of a proper diet for bodybuilding is fat loss. Fat is an important part of your body, therefore it is important to reduce the fat in your body. The benefits of a proper diet for bodybuilding are not only due to fat loss. Even with the right diet, you will be able to maintain your weight and keep it at a healthy level. Besides, eating healthy helps to improve your immunity and keep you fit. Moreover, you can also enjoy a healthy lifestyle, which can make you feel great.

Thus, the benefits of proper diet for bodybuilding is having increased stamina and strength and also being able to maintain your weight at a healthy level. However, you must remember that a proper diet for bodybuilding does not mean eating something that is full of carbohydrates. It means the number of proteins and the fat and also the vitamins, minerals, and fiber content of the food.


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