Best Indian Diet Plan for Weight Loss


Indian Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Hello guys, today I am going to talk about a very sensitive matter which is overweight and I also give you a proper diet plan to lose weight. There There are so many peoples are facing the problem of overweight in the world, and day by day the percentage of overweight is growing up. That’s why I thought I need to help some peoples to lose their weight who are suffering from overweight. So I am going to provide you an easy and healthy diet plan.

Before I share the diet plan you should know the proper description of the diet. Do you know there are so many kinds of diet plan peoples are following to lose their weight like Ketogenic diet, GM diet, Paleo diet, low carb diet, Intermittent diet and more but these diet plans are short term you could follow this plan for a long time because peoples are very busy in their life. That’s why I am going to give the best Indian diet with many options which will not so bother for you to take. So without any more talking let’s go to the chart.

Best Indian Diet Plan for Weight Loss

This Indian diet plan will provide you around 1200 calories and 60 grams of protein.

1. Early Morning

In the morning you should take hot water with lemon which is very beneficial for metabolism and also exits the bad toxins from your body.

2. Breakfast

I am going to give you seven options to take at breakfast because it will help you to teste the verity.

  • You could take one bowl vegetable poha or
  • One bowl Dalia upma also could be an option for you or
  • Two idlis and one bowl is also an option for your breakfast or
  • Palak and Rawa chilla also could be the best option for you or
  • One bowl vegetable upma is another option for your breakfast or
  • Roti one piece and one cup curd is also beneficial breakfast or
  • If you are a vegetarian then omelet of two eggs will not a bad option for you.
3. Mid Morning

If you like to take something after breakfast and before lunch then these will fruits you could eat.

  •  You could take an apple or guava or pomegranate or orange or some pieces of papaya or some pieces of watermelon.
  • You could also take one cup of caffeine-free green tea.
4. Lunch

I am giving you many options you could take which you would like at lunch.

  • Mixed vegetables like cucumber, tomatoes, and what you want salad one bowl.
  • With salad, you could take one roti or one paratha, if you don’t like to take roti and paratha at lunch then don’t worry there are many options you also could take one bowl rice or one bowl brown rice with salad.
  • You could take one bowl mixed vegetable dishes like palak, methi, bathua, bottle gourd, carrot, cabbage, sweet potato, pumpkin, parwal, Toru, drumstick leaves, and more to take with roti rice or anything I have mentioned above.
  • There are testy dishes for the non-vegetarian peoples you could take 50 to 60 grams of chicken curry or 50 to 60 grams of fish curry or one egg curry.
  • Don’t drink water at least for two hours after eating and if try to drink water with lemon then that will very helpful to lose your weight.
5. Before Dinner

Do you like to take something in the evening? If your answer is yes then don’t then there is something for you.

  • You could take one cup of caffeine-free green tea or tea or coffee but remember that don’t mix more than one teaspoon sugar with tea and coffee.
  • some pieces of roasted channa or some puffed rice or some pieces of almonds or one any fruit will be the best options to take with green tea or tea or coffee.
6. Dinner

You should be careful about dinner, try to take simple and lite food at dinner because after dinner generally, we don’t do any work and we directly go to bed that’s why heavy foods our liver can not digest. So let’s see what you could take at dinner?

  • Take one bowl mixed vegetable salad you could mix any vegetables you want.
  • You could take one bowl khichdi with salad or
  • Vegetable daliya also can be an option to take at dinner or
  • One bowl kadhi or dahi or dal also could be the best option for you.
  • Only roti and dal palak or dal methi also you could take at dinner.
  • If you like to take more liter than I have mentioned above then you could make vegetable soup in your dinner or if you are a non-vegetarian then you could take one or two egg omelets.

Indian Diet Plan for Weight Loss: So these are the best Indian diet for weight loss if you follow this c plan consistently then you will see the magical result in one month. Now I am want to give you some advice which you have to follow.

Some Advice to Follow

  • Take your dinner at least 2.5 hours to 3 hours before bed. If you go at the same time after eating then your liver could not digest that food easily.
  • Chew your food well and don’t drink water at least for two hours after eating. It will help your liver to digest the food easily.
  • Start doing exercise consistently daily. If you don’t have time to go to the gym then you could do exercise at your home.
  • Drink at least four to five-liter water in a day that will help to exits the bad toxins from your body. Water with lemon will be more beneficial.
  • Don’t take junk foods like oily food spicy foods and especially the street foods. Only take those foods I have mentioned above. Junk food will destroy your digestive system and you never come out from the problem of overweight.

So these are some advice you should follow if you follow these steps consistently then in just one month you will see the magical benefit of it. Don’t leave the diet plan in just one keep doing this for a long term then you can be physically fit. I hope you understand all the facts and the best Indian diet plan. I will see in the article.


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