Indian Vegetarian Diet Plan for Bodybuilding To Get a Wonderful Body


Guys, if you are a vegetarian and you want a perfect diet plan for your bodybuilding then this article is for you. There are millions of peoples who are vegetarian especially in India and the vegetarian bodybuilders are facing the problem of diet. Everybody knows that without a perfect diet bodybuilding is worthless and for a vegetarian, it is very difficult to gain muscle or transform the body. So in this article, I will talk about Indian Vegetarian Diet Plan for Bodybuilding.

Indian Vegetarian Diet Plan for Bodybuilding

Here I will discuss about how a vegetarian guy can transform his body naturally. I will show you the best foods for proteins, the best foods for carbs, and more. Every food I am going to mention is pure veg. So without wasting time lets start the topic. Best Diet Plan for a vegetarian bodybuilder

Source Of Protein

Guys. we all know that for a perfect bodybuilding protein is most important and protein is the biggest reason to gain your muscles, fat loss, and repair tissue of your body. A non-vegetarian guy can consume egg, chicken, and more for protein but a vegetarian guy can consume daily products like milk, curd, homemade lassi, and paneer but there is a problem that these foods have a huge protein but those things also lots of fat.

So if you consume milk, curd, lassi, and paneer very much then the will remain in your that could unshape your body. That’s why you should take protein supplements to fill up the needs of protein. Many peoples say that supplements are bad for health its a big myth.

Indian Vegetarian Diet Plan for Bodybuilding

Source Of Carbohydrates

Guys, carbohydrate is also important for our body because if you do not consume carbohydrates then your body will produce energy from protein. To store your protein for muscle gain you must need to consume carbohydrates. There are lots of things in vegetarian which has lots of carbohydrates and carbohydrates helps your body to produce energy. There are two types of carbohydrates sources first is low carbs and another is high carbs.

a) Low Curbs Sources: Curds, Raita, Almonds, Peanuts, Strawberries, Black Raspberry, Watermelon, Peaches, Mushrooms, Cauliflower, Pumpkin, Coconut Water, Bhindi, Broccoli, Carrots, Apple, Paneer, Bottle Gourd Cabbage and more.

b) High curbs sources: Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Yam, Purple Yam, Rice, Sugar, Honey, Mango, Custard Apple, Banana, Chikoo.

For a healthy lifestyle, we should eat good quality carbohydrates like fresh vegetables and fruits. Stop buying package things and start eating homemade foods. And you should consume carbs in a limit.

Sources  Of Fat

Do you know that for a perfect diet fat is also an important thing for our body? Dietary fat can help us to produce energy, support cell growth, can warm your body, and more. There are many peoples who think that fat is bad for our health but it is a big myth if you want a healthy and perfect body then without fat that is not possible. But you also should know that there are two types of fat good fat and bad fat, you should ignore bad fat and start to consume good fat. Now the question is from which foods you will get good fats, for vegetarians it very is hard to find out? But don’t worry I am giving the list of the foods.

List of the Foods:-

a) Nuts(cashews, almonds, walnuts)- Nuts are a very good option to consume healthy fats. That is not only the source of healthy fats but also you can get protein and fiber from it, as you know protein and fiber also play a good role in our health. If you do not like to eat nuts then you can consume the goodness of nut in the form of nut butter with your daily food.

b) Coconut- Coconut is a best source of saturated fat which is very good for our health. You can also consume the benefits of coconut in the form of coconut oil, you can cook food by the coconut oil. let’s go to another food.

c) Avocado- Avocado is the best healthy and tasty fruit, and it has lots of monounsaturated fats which is very good for our heart. So avocado can be the best food for you and you can include it in your diet.

d) Olive Oil- Many vegetarians use olive oil in their diet plan just because of its healthy fat. It is not only the source of fat but also it is beneficial for many diseases like cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular, obesity, and more. So start taking olive oil from and see the magical benefits of it.

e) Chia Seeds- You can also eat chia seeds it will give you healthy fat as well as energy. But it is very tough to find at the Indian market if you do not find out then don’t worry you can get those foods I have given above.

Benefits of Taking Healthy Foods:-

Healthy food is the best choice for a dieter who wants to lose weight. However, many people are not aware of the benefits of taking healthy food on a diet plan. As a matter of fact, studies indicate that a diet plan based on healthy food would be more effective in improving your general health. Experts also indicate that when you are choosing a diet plan, it is important to select one that is low in fats and carbohydrates. This is because these foods should be the main source of the diet. Here are some of the major benefits of taking healthy foods for a diet plan:

Benefits are Giving Below:-

a) Fat burning – The main benefit of taking healthy foods for a diet plan is that it burns off the unwanted fats within the body. Thus, this helps to improve the metabolic rate which helps in losing weight. This is because a person who is in need of more energy has a higher metabolic rate. A normal person has a lower metabolic rate compared to an obese person. Thus, it is necessary to eat more of this type of food. In addition, it will also improve the immune system of the body so that you get rid of the excess fat from the body.

b) Good blood circulation – This food type is considered to be a very good food source for improving the overall health of the body. It improves blood circulation in the body. Thus, it gives more oxygen to the entire body. Healthy foods are rich in fiber, which is known to improve the blood circulation of the body. Furthermore, it improves the functionality of the cardiovascular system. Thus, it helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Thus, it is important to include more of this type of food in your diet.


 So this was the diet of a vegetarian guy, you can follow these steps to improve your bodybuilding. I hope it was a helpful article for you for more keep following.

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