Protein Rich Indian Food for Bodybuilding


Protein Rich Indian Food for Bodybuilding: Hello viewers, today’s topic will be very important for you especially if you are a bodybuilder or health-conscious person because today I will give you the chart of protein-rich Indian foods for bodybuilding.

Protein Rich Indian Food for Bodybuilding

There are so many foods we consume in our daily life but if you are a health-conscious person then you should know what kind of foods you are consuming? and how much you should consume?

Protein plays a very important role in bodybuilding that’s why we should add protein nutrition in our diet. But before I share the chart of the protein-rich foods at first, we should know what are the benefits of protein?

What are the Benefits of Protein?

If you are consuming proper protein then it will not only affect your muscles but also it will affect many parts of your body. There are so many problems you could face if you are not taking enough protein. I am going to mention some problems with protein deficiency below.

a) protein deficiency affects on muscle building.

b) Protein deficiency low energy levels.

c) Protein deficiency could poor concentration.

d) Sometimes muscles and bone pain happens for protein deficiency.

e) Hair fall also could be a reason for protein deficiency.

f) If you are a student then you should take enough protein otherwise you could face trouble with learning.

Protein Rich Indian Food for Bodybuilding

That is not enough there are also many problems for protein deficiency. That’s why protein is the most important nutrition for our bodies. Now we understood what kind of problems we might face if we do not take enough protein. Now I am going to show you the best protein-rich Indian foods.

10 Best Protein-Rich Indian Foods

a) Fish 

Fish is the best source of protein, fishes contain lots of proteins. You can consume 22 grams of protein from 100 grams of salmon fish, also you will get 206 calory energy, and also you will get 12 grams of fat from 100 grams of fish, if you are an underweight person then this food will be very helpful for you.

b) Seitan

Seitan is made by wheat, especially the vegetarians who take this food for protein. You will get 25 grams of protein from 100 grams of seitan. So if you are a vegetarian then you could add this food to your diet.

c) Cottage Cheese (Paneer)

Cheese is the best source for high rich protein. But be careful because cheese contains too much fat there are 33 grams of fat and 25 grams of protein in 100 grams of cheese. So if you are an overweight person then this food you should not add to your diet because this food could increase your weight more.

d) Beef and Pork Loin

Beef and pork are the best sources of protein, you will get 26 grams of protein from 100 grams of beef and pork both. If you are an underweight non-vegetarian then you could consume beef and pork loin and gain 5kg weight in just 42 days.

e) Chicken Breast

If you are an overweight person then this protein-rich food will be best for you because 100 grams of chicken breast contains 3.6 grams of fat and 31 grams of protein and also you will get 165 calory energy.  This protein-rich food will be gold for overweight people. This food will be very helpful to boost muscles.

f) Milk

Milk is the best protein-rich drink for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. You could consume normal milk or soya milk which you want both have 3.4 grams protein from 100 grams of milk. If you consume 1-liter milk in a day then your body will get 34 grams protein. Milk also contains fat which is beneficial for the underweight person.

g) Egg

As we all know the egg is the best source of protein. But you should know that if you are an underweight person then could consume egg white and egg yolk both but if you are an overweight person then you should only take the egg white because the egg yolk contains so much fat.

h) Tofu

Tofu is an Indian food which is similar to cottage cheese (paneer), it contains 8 grams protein from 100 tofu. The advantage of this food is you could take it raw, you don’t need to cook it. If you don’t want to cook food then you could start taking it.

i) Yogurt (dahee)

Yogurt is the best source of fat and protein. 100 grams of yogurt can give you 10 grams of protein, and yogurt is also beneficial to keep cool your stomach. So this food will be best at summer.

j) Beans (dal)

Beans are not only the source of protein you will get much nutrition from beans. If you are suffering from overweight then beans will not so beneficial for you. 100 grams of beans could provide 21 grams of protein. If you consume 30 grams of beans in a day then you will get approximately 7 grama protein.

k) Almonds (Badam)

Another best protein food is almonds, but you should take a look at the fats of almonds it has 18 grams of fat from 30 almonds and it also provides 9 grams of protein. If you are an overweight person then don’t add it in your diet because it contains many fats. Almonds you could take whenever you want

So these are the best foods of high rich protein, add some foods of those according to your weight, and recover your protein deficiency. Now you might think that how much you should take? I am giving the answer below.

How much Protein You should Take?

Protein Rich Indian Food for Bodybuilding: How much protein you should take, there is no exact limitation of protein, that depends on your body weight. Now I am giving you the formula to find out the exact number of proteins to take, multiply your current weight by .8 the answer will be your limitation.

Let explain by an example if someone’s weight is 85 then after the multiply by .8 it comes 68, it means that guys need to consume 68 grams of protein in a day.

I hope you guys understood All the pieces of information I have discussed for more health-related articles keep following our website.


At the conclusion, I just want to say choose your favorite and suitable food from above I have mentioned and start taking it regularly and after many weeks you will recognize the amazing in your body.


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